Touch Location is erratic

I have an issue with touch location sometimes.

I have an orthographic camera for the 2D part of my game. By touch-dragging the screen I change the world loc of this orthographic camera. It works very smoothly, except sometimes.

Sometimes it seems to grab two touch locations and switch wildly between the 2.

Even if I force it to grab touch 1 location manually (rather than the touch input location node) it happens, so it’s not related to confused touch input I think.

I have a really stupid fix where I play a short level sequence with a spawned camera (with “when finished” property set to “keep state”) before I spawn the actor which houses the 2D part (and camera, and touch input stuff, etc.) which OFTEN but not always fixes the issue.

This makes me think there is some camera conflict somewhere that “confuses” the orthographic camera somehow.

Has anyone ever experienced, and more importantly, fixed an issue like this before?

(using UE4.26.2)