Touch input blocked by Sequence Recorder?

Hi All,

I am starting to experiment with recording a player character that is driven by Touch input and was wondering if anyone has tried this and can confirm that it should work?

My setup is probably a little unusual in that the character I am trying to record is not the one posessed. The game is sort of third person and the character I am trying to record is ‘remote controlled’ from the first person posessed actor that takes the input primarily and then it makes the other character do its things.

Does anyone have any ideas that I could try? I am completely new to Sequencer.

EDIT: I am trying in the more straight setup of Epics new VR example scene. Same thing seem to be happening, the hands move but the button presses are no longer clenching the fists.
To clarify, the overall hand positional/rotational movements get recorded but the button/stick input seem blocked or ignored.