Totally freeze/stop/ ragdoll with a function or something

I want that when pawns are kicked into spikes, they go into ragdoll and then it stops updating the ragdoll and they stop being into ragdoll and stop any ragdoll animation any help please?
also how can I achieve this with RB_Handles like RB_BSJointActor ?

Not sure, but what will happen if you change them after a few seconds to phys_none?

Do you mean you want to then play an animation on the ragdoll pawn?

If you setup the physics asset constraints correctly, then it will naturally settle and stop moving.

If you mean you just want to anchor the pawn by one of it’s bones, then i believe you can simply attach it to an actor. I only use RB_Handle to move the ragdoll around rather than fixing it statically in place.

mmh I found a little hack it’s setting the physics weigth to 0.25 but it doesen’t look too professional, I will try phys none OAnd A . and thanks for the input coldscooter. attach to actor second option.