Total NOOB at Visual + Github

Hey forum,

Would love to get my own build going with Phlex enabled.
Been messing around for a few hours now, got all the github stuff connected.
downloaded and installed github desktop and got visual studio 2015

But i am pretty confused about the next steps. And i dont want to screw them up. ^^

Are there some good step by step guides for setting it up for someone who is still new to Vis2015 and Github?
or if anyone could find a tiny bit of free time to help me that would be great!
Can always return the favor with some 3d modeling or animating questions!

I also setup a easy to use temporary chatroom through discord if chat or voice is needed! (this lets you login without needing to register)

Thanks in Advance!**

Couple of more questions after messing around:
- YouTube - here is said in comments

This is why i want to make sure i do things right. And up to date for now-a-day standard.

I understand that you pull the source code from unreal.
And then i assume you “Build/Compile” it with Vis2015, This part is what kinda confuses me :slight_smile:

I joined to help

Thank you Zarko for going on voice and explaining everything in depth and waiting patiently as things were downloading/installing in the meantime! Great guy! :slight_smile:
Check out his Youtube guys! :slight_smile:

So lets recap: > Getting started

But >> Be sure to include C++ support as part of the VS 2015 install, which is disabled by default. <<

Try this… A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

Just skip the parts about plugins… Unless you want to build the source with plugins. Hope it helps.