Total Noob At Modeling, Guidance Wanted

Dear Unreal Engine Community (and any possible masters out there),

I’ve been trying to work on a game project for nearly about 1 and a half year now, and I always come to the caveat of…

I have no original character model, therefore my development is stuck in concept indefinitely.

Of course, I could work with the default character model, but it doesn’t feel…um…“my style”, to be specific. Human-styled robots are not what I want right now.
Therefore, I need 3D modeling software.
I’ve already tried blender, and after one or more days of work with it, I decided there isn’t any workflow in there that works for me.

So, I’ve been stuck for days thinking “How the heck do I create a 3D character easily!?”.

It seems to come down to this:
I need a workflow that involves geometry mirroring, with flexible/easy sculpting.

But quite recently, (this very night to be specific), I found EasyToy. Seems awesome to me. But getting it is easier said than done. The price of $199USD makes me restless. (In a bad way, of course.)

Just so you know, I am a cheap person. I like it when I can get things at an acceptable price, or in other words…free.

But it’s way of modeling seems absolutely fantastic for me! There has to be something similar out there… :confused:

So, the only thing I can suggest now is that you kindly give me advice so I can attempt to solve my problem.

Really you just need to choose one, and learn. There isnt a better solution than that – other than buying one, or community samples. etc. Blender in the right hands can do most everything free on every operating system. If your on a budget. Blender will always be free, and there are a million resources, and tutorials. There’s Maya Lt 30$ a month, modo indie is on steam for less than 20. Make human is free, and blender has a rigging, animation plug in for it. Manuel bastioni is also free. So making a humanoid character isnt difficult right now at all. It only takes minutes. I don’t think there is a better free resource than blender, and combined with make human you could have a character in engine in under an hour. All for the cost of nothing at all.

Just buy the mesh tool :smiley:

I would just get used to using Blender, it’s the best free tool available. And also realize it’s going to take a while before you can develop the skills, so if you don’t want to spend that much time, then you’d have to find someone to do it for you.

Thanks for the responses. I apologize for not replying sooner, but here is everyone answered.

I’m not trying to make humanoid characters right now, I’m trying to make (a) bipetal creature to be specific. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything paid is outside of my scope right now, sorry.

Your right, it is going to take a while to develop my skills, but I just need a tutorial that pretty much targets what my end goal is (for now).

So what IS your end goal then? Not a human, but a bipedal creature? That isnt very specific at all. The Alien monster is a bipedal creature, so are ogres from world of warcraft or whatever other games. so are little cat girls of varied anthropomorphic ratio. In the end it doesnt really matter what you want to do, it already soudns non conventional which means youll have to make it yourself.

If you want to make it yourself your best shot is to learn a decent modeling software. However, I wont go to details which is best and such, thats something everyone has to figure out for themselves.

Two tips I can give you along the way,
1 .Be dont be too hard on yourself with timeframes: As a beginner you dont know how long things will take you, so if you did set a goal too tight dont get discouraged by it. Simply spend time doing what you like and remain passionate about it. Dont expect improvements to happen instantly.

  1. dont be a cheapstake. Good software is worth its money in the long run. There are always personal/student/indie/trial licenses that often times last for seveal years or cost 20-30$ like the ones **jmmakesgames68 **mentioned. Anybody serious enough about their hobby (or future dream job) can shake up that amount of cash.