Torrent - Project with all Infinity Blade assets

Hey guys! I wanted to experiment with creating/hosting a torrent.

What I did was download the Infinity Blade assets and added them into one project. (This will help me in the future since Launcher insists on storing packs on my SSD)

Here is a link to the torrent file! I’ll be sure to keep my computer on to seed.
<link removed>


I just removed the link from your post because it sounds like you are distributing the infinity blade packs that have just been bundled into one project and I think that breaks the license, I know you aren’t allowed to redistribute the packs so I am going to check with epic and post back.

I am also going to close this thread for now until I hear back from them.


smokey13 is correct. We do not permit anyone to redistribute Marketplace content outside of the Marketplace, even if it’s free, because the UE4 EULA still applies to Epic-branded content and must be agreed to in order to download and use that content. Redistributing that content breaks the terms of the EULA you agreed to. Ordinarily this would lead to an enforcement action, but it’s clear that this was a mistake and you were only trying to be helpful, so consider this a warning. Please don’t redistribute Marketplace content outside of the Marketplace.