TopDown Walk/sprint controllerBP problem

Hi everyone,

First of all, im new to the Unreal engine therefor i apologize in advance for the amateur blueprint of mine.

I’m working on a controller blueprint that allows me to use single click and double click to make my character walk/sprint to the hit location of my mouse click.

this is what i got so far:


The single/double click works nicely but what i am struggling with is to set the move speed of my character. i want him to walk slowly when the condition of a double click false.
i tried using the set speed node for this since Ive read in another post that it is what adjusts the move speed.

Now my problem is that the set speed node in the controller blueprint needs a target as shown in the picture and i don’t know what i need to connect to it.

Any idea how this could be solved. any help is very appreciated. :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to answer without knowing where your Character Speed is set.

For example for First/Third person project the speed is handled in the CharacterMovementComponent which is part of the CharacterBP. So you would Set the Max Walk Speed in there and the target would be the MovementComponent.

What handles your Characters speed? This would normally be the target.