TopDown/Twinstick Shooter AimOffset/Blending Question


I’m working on the aimoffset/aiming animation for my topdown shooter. The controls are pretty simple: WASD are all constant directions, movement is not affected by aim angle. The mouse controls the camera/aiming and firing.

Right now I have the player character hooked up to the anim starter kit and have gone through the documentation to create all the aim offsets. My biggest problem comes from trying to translate third person tutorials to the topdown axis. The animations jitter, and when aiming all the way left (-180) to the extreme right (180), there is a harsh snap between the left and right side of the aim offset.

I am looking to smooth this out. The aim is pretty on point, it follows the cursor’s yaw and pitch as the cursor is moved. I’m a quick learner, a link to a tutorial or a general explanation that points me in the right way would be a HUGE help!

Thank you! (will post a video soon!)