Topdown Player Aim based on mouse movement

I am having trouble getting a mouse to control the player controller’s Z rotation based on mouse velocity in a Top-down game where the rotation of the camera is in World space, while the player turns. I have a custom game mode, custom player controller, and custom pawn There is a skeletal mesh with animations set up to a Blendspace with Keyboard inputs. Keyboard inputs work fine.

I would like the mouse to be able to control the player’s aim, enemies are coming from all directions and the player needs to move and shoot in all directions.

I have been able to do this, but it’ doesn’t stop tracking the mouse location, and would like to add a dead zone so that unless the input velocity changes, the Player Controller will stay in the last direction set. Right now the movement doesn’t look very natural at all and the mouse makes the movements very jittery. like snapping from left to right based on mouse position.

I am posting the functions and variables I made, and the working hack that I got.

I am not sure if this is the right way to do this, but the tutorial I am following doesn’t seem to work in 4.25.

I am posting what I tried and could not get to work

Gets the Mouse Velocity

Updates the Player Aim

Deadzone based on mouse velocity input

and what I did in the event graph that worked but not with the best results.

I need help too!