Topdown 2D game NPC Flipbooks

Hello! I’m creating a fan-game and I’m having some trouble with getting my ‘NPC’ character character to swap his flipbooks when needed. The flipbook changes based on an Enumeration variable and has the character choose from a random point in the navigation mesh and move to it, but I just can’t seem to make him change his flipbook correctly, so he just slides around in his idle state. I’ll put some pictures of the blueprint, if there’s an easier way of doing this I’d love to hear it! Thanks in advance!!!

In the selection, it looks like you’ve used the same flipbook for the True and False.
Can you show what you have entered in there?

Yes I’ve used the same flipbook because I have the Enumerations take care of the moving left to right. Should I change it? They’re both the idle flipbook

So his flipbook changes to which ever one I set it to be but it doesn’t rotate 180 degrees. I also need it to play the moving forward and backward flipbooks when it moves up and down instead of just left and right.