Top Dowon to Side Scroller Camera's

Hi everyone First off thanks for taking time to read this. I am working on a game idea where I want to make the camera view change in different areas. When fighting NPC in the level 1 I want it to be a top down. Then when you leave through the door I would like the camera to change the view to a side scroll or a endless runner. I am not sure which is better? I want the player to run down the hall picking up power ups for the next level. When they get to the next level it is another top down. What do i need to do this? Is it simply camera angels or do i need to write a specific blueprint for the switching of angels? Do I need some type of player overlap then attach Camera B for example or something. I have done some tutorials with Blueprinting and such I think I am looking for a best way to perform this task or a task like it with in Blueprinting

I am working on this to be played as a PC game Maybe a mobile game I am not sure

Thank’s have a good day

Also any suggestions for any tutorials would be great :smiley: