Top-down multiplayer pawn movement jittering/lag

Hello. Apologies if this was discussed previously. I searched but I was unable to find a solution.

We aim in building an Online Co-op RPG (2 players).
So far, I have a simple Pawn which only moves on X-Y axis. The only functionality in the blueprint is shown below.

I am able to create a session using the Advance Session Plugins.
We can find created sessions and connect. We are using Hamachi to simulate LAN. During the sessions, while moving, we see each others Pawns jittering quite visibly.

The player controller I created has the default settings.

I also checked MultiplayerShootout example built by Epic and there is perfectly smooth movement with no lag (same conditions). The setup seems to be similar but I am missing something for sure.

I also tried to replicate their DefaultEngine.ini but with no luck.

I’ve checked the net profiles of both projects and I can see quite high discrepancies:


My Project


Perhaps it is worth mentioning that we live in different countries in Europe, opposite to each other.

My questions are:

  • Are there prerequisite configurations that I missed for multiplayer games?
  • It is possible to sacrifice accuracy for smoothness (e.g. player movement, rotation)?
  • Should I start considering building the project with C++ over blueprints?
  • Any information and or links regarding the above or related to how to interpret Network Profilers are highly appreciated.

Thank you for reading through!
Any small piece of information you guys can share would be highly appreciated.