Top-Down Mouse Click Movement


I was open a new Top-Down project and did copy all blueprints commands in player controller. After a create a blank project and paste in my new player controller. But i doesnt work. I did everything the same i think.Inputs,Functions,Variables. Can anyone help ?

Sorry for my english. Thanks.

Did you also look in the character blueprint? And in the engine settings? Maybe you have to make some input actions.

In your blank project, have you assigned your new player controller to be the one to use? (this doesn’t happen automatically in a blank project.)

I.e. go to ‘Project Settings’ → ‘Maps & Modes’ and in the section titled ‘Default Modes’, under ‘Selected GameMode’ check that ‘Player Controller Class’ is the one you created.

Note: Be aware that you can override these default classes per map too (in the World Settings dialog).

Whenever I’m in doubt with these things. I attach a ‘Print String’ node to the ‘Tick’ node in the blueprint, just to make sure it’s being used correctly.

Good luck.

Wasnt there something in the gamemode blueprint?

Yes, you’re right :slight_smile:

Karamaske, If you have created a game mode blueprint, make sure your own player controller is hooked up in there and that it’s the GameMode that’s being used in project settings / world settings.

Sorry for late answer ;I forgot to add nav mesh bounds. its answer -.-"