Toon Shoreline

How to create a toon shoreline material?

My feeble attempt at the shoreline created somewhat rigid representation.

I am using “distance to nearest” with “sine” and managed to get it to sway. But i couldnt get it to look organic.

Can any material expert throw some help to this material noob?


This and this is the best I’ve gotten so far using distance fields and flow maps. It’s far from perfect but I’m planing on releasing this soon (still a few things I want to clean up first).

Nice! I like yours. It is definitely tons more better than my version.

Looks like I will need to dig into “distance fields and flow maps” to get a look closer to yours.

This is my current version with the previous version alongside at the lower right side.

How’s this done

I’ve been looking at so many posts about people using distance to nearest surface to create shorelines but i can’t for the life of me find anyone who gives a tut on how to do it. I’m working on some really simple cel shaded water planes and would love to know how to add a very simple white mask for the shore and around objects. I’m currently issuing depth fade but it doesn’t look right. Any chance you could share woo you see this up or at least point me somewhere that will help. Thanks a bunch.

Would you be willing to share your material? I cant get the shorelines to show up. I have a good effect for the rest, just I have no idea how to link the flowmap up…


Shader in game:

Been trying to figure all of this out for months…

Hi guys, the material posted was based on post 3. I didnt do a follow up on “distance fields and flow maps” as recommended by Gmi. Here is some push, hopefully to push you guys in the right direction.

It is pretty heavy so do use it sparingly. Please share if you have any improvement.