Tooltip in Hyperlink in RichText

I would like to make a tooltip in the text in the form of web-style hyperlinks. Where to the system logs displayed for players, I can add text with the information contained in the form of metadata, displayed in a different formatting than the rest of the text, which when clicked or hovering over it, a tooltip with additional information appears.

I used the idea from this website which allows me to open the tooltip by clicking along with the information contained in the metadata.
Now typing the text: “Player take [item name] </> from chest”
I see “Player take [item name] from chest” where [item name] is in bold.
After pressing [item name] a widget appears with detailed information about Item with id = 3.

And I would like to know if there is a way to get the same tooltip after hovering over [item name]?
In addition, it is supposed to refer to a given line of text, not the entire widget in which it is contained, because I would like to use it in one text more than once.