[Tool] UE4Desktop

Hey everyone, I’ve released UE4 Desktop for anyone to use. Here at WisE we work on a lot of projects at the same time and I use UE4 Desktop to help manage them. It basically allows you to have icons for each project on your desktop with common actions appearing as context menus. It’s never been used outside our environments before so if you run in to a problem them let me know and I’ll fix it.

Where can we find UE4 Desktop?

Edit: Found it here.

Great. let me know what you think.

Whoaa, how has this not gained attraction? Reminds me of another project on github, GitHub - SamCarey99/UE4-Tools: A small tool which can automatically rename a UE4 C++ projects</tit.

Already of dreaming of extending this. First thing: generating project files with parameters like verbose logging.

Glad you like it.