Tool menue - Overwriting left mouse button

Hello everyone!
I’m currently running in some issues trying to set up an Actor Component (contains Widget Blueprint). This Widget Blueprint is some sort of a tool menue… There are 3 tools you can choose from:
Painting, Scratching, Information.
Each of them should be executed by pressing the left mouse button, or to be more clear: Input Action Event Use. (defined in Project Settings for my left mouse button).
So my Blueprint Widget works as I want it to… By clicking one of those 3 buttons, it sets a boolean variable (Button 1, Button 2, Button 3) to true.

My actor blueprint now should queries now which button has been clicked. According to the debug stream this works just fine. But now there is the critical point.
If Button X has been pressed, perform Action 1 (Painting) by pressing the left mouse button. Basically this should work, if I could get some power on my Stream flow to open those gates.

I’ve attached a few screenshots.

Thanks in advance.