Tool for adding / removing root animations.


We’ve developed a tool (FBX Root Animation Fix Up v1.2.0) for fixing the issues with root nodes and animation. Before moving over to using Unreal we had a large bank of animations created using CAT, these animations and meshes didn’t have a root node, to add a new root node for the motion was becoming to complex and very time consuming, so we decided to write a tool that would take care of it for us without having to adjust the original rig or animations.

FBX Root Animation Fix Up feature list:

  • Add a new motion root node to an existing node (e.g. Pelvis).
  • Remove X/Y/Z motion from a given bone (e.g. Pelvis), if you want to handle the distance moved in Unreal rather than use root motion. So this feature will result in an “on the spot” animation.
  • Remove X/Y/Z motion from a list of given bones, this can be really useful for stripping upper and lower body animation.
  • The ability to batch process as many FBX files you wish.
  • You can preview the output for a given animation.


Video: [video]FBX Root Animation Fix Up v1.2.0 - YouTube