Too much noise UE5 from the start

Just created a fresh new project, added a few of unreal cubesto make a mock building, and only added a default directional light. Why does the shadows look so noisy? Unreal 5.2.

You have antialiasing disabled, or you set it to FXAA or MSAA, when it needs to be TAA or TSR.

Tried all antialiasing options, they dont change anything. In the meantime copied this project to another computer and it looked good, telling me is not the project itself, but something in my computer. The strange part is that the computer that worked fine is way weaker than my one (mine has an rtx 3090 and the other one has an rtx 2080). I never actually had a project i could open and not have noise everywhere, thats why i was tring on a new blank project to test if it was something on the older projects (made by my co-workers) or something i was doing wrong or my computer. But even on a fresh installed unreal engine, on fresh new project, thats how it looks…

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Hi, I have the same problem both on my laptop and my work station. Changing antialiasing options didnt work for me too. Have you solved this problem? BTW, Both UE5 are compiled by myself. Now I’m tring install an official binary to check if there are any thing wrong in the compiling stage.

Are you using vulkan? If so, try switching to DX12 (and then enable TSR or TAA as antialiasing method)