Too many unanswered questions on answerhub, and no reply from Epic on bug reports

That person would have to have a pretty good grip on all aspects of the engine - I don’t think such a person exists!

Maybe not everything, but there are people on Answerhub who got some serious broad knowledge and they are dedicating their free time to answer these questions. Now imagine how much more time they would spend if they are actually getting paid for…

I glance at forums every 30~60 mins when I have 5 mins break… I would gladly answer all day to those basic questions ppl post on AnswerHub, but as already mentioned we all got bills to pay and projects to deliver ^^
AnswerHub demands elaborated answers, you can’t just post random thoughts so it takes time to deal with all that stuff… And then the people asking won’t even come back to mark their issue as resolved, so why bother.

Well, honestly, after many months of what appears to be radio silence and UE4 growing way out of what their community and documentation team can maintain, I think the right answer is to have some sort of official community empowerment system where select users can contribute to the official tutorials, documentation and examples. Scrap AH completely and move support to a dedicated forum here where questions can be properly browser, skimmed and searched intuitively and regular veteran users can discuss and reply in a conversation-like manner. That’s the most viable thing I can think of to re-invigorate this community.

Great idea. How are we able to achieve or empower this? Ever since UE4 went “free” the community is a mess. It’s a shame. Do you have any idea how we could re-engage with a great community? I would be in to help.

Epic could shutdown AnswerHub and buy a license to implement their own StackOverflow website for Unreal. These days they can afford it :wink:

Do I understand it well? Are you seriously suggesting that we need a system, which doesn’t look like it’s been made for IE6 and Windows XP, and is maintained more frequently than the alternation of ice ages?
Nowadays kids have so many needs… :frowning:

The problem as I see it.

There are two ways to get answers to questions via two totally different pathways.

The forums is a social based environment where thous with a generalized interest in UE4 “hang” out with little or no purpose than being part of the larger community. Asking and answering questions is just another activity as part of the bigger picture

Answer Hub on the other hand depends on the kindness of others who take part based on the desire to answer questions as to the reason and purpose of taking part in the process and as a reward can obtain a “badge” for their effort.

That said badges are cool but what is the motivation once a member has revived their badge or once the general member pool interested in badges have tapped out?. Thinking about it logging into the answer hub to answer questions sound more like a job than something fun to do as is the random nature of “playing” on the forums

So ideas.

  1. Tie both the forums and answer hub into a single one stop shop. I stop by the forums every day but never the answer hub “just” to answer questions (not interested in badges). The trick is in the format and what to do with the data. :wink:

  2. No idea how Epic is structure as to staff being allowed to answer questions. The job is to much for one person but how about an end of year employee bonus based on the total number of questions answered?

  3. A points purchase program. This kind of idea just works and has been around forever, think air miles, where the best answer can earn points towards real world bling.

Of the three number 3 is the more feasible as anything can be part of the points purchase program. T-shirts, market place coupons, or even partnership products like video cards . Points programs are awesome as items can be added or removed as interest changes.

The badge idea was good but the problem is the hype has died so maybe time to try something new and since the dev grants seem to be working well maybe the current answer hub program needs a bump?

Although it sounds like a great idea to get more people involved, it can also lead to scams, people creating and answering their own questions with different accounts, super-useful questions and super-detailed answers both having the same value as questions like “HOW I CREATE VARIABLE” similar answers like “you cant”.
Also, there would be many low-quality answers which are not professional at all, in the hope of getting a few accepted to earn points.

Well, Epic wasn’t even willing to put a few days of web development effort into making the website something that is a bit better than horrible (and they had half a decade to do it), I really doubt that out of the blue now they would try to get partners & build up a system to properly support any of these (or further) ideas, sadly.

I believe the community would have a bunch of ideas to make some services (like AnswerHub) into something with quality, but the reality is, we can cry about it day and night (like we did it for years), ain’t nothing’s gonna happen, we’re lucky that these are maintained and not shut down.

Totally agree.

I also liked the “Voting system” so more important or popular topics can be viewed immediately. Now it is hard to find relative of more popular topics.

As of point 3. Seems like a good way for people to gain by participating in the community.

Are we able to suggest or propose our needs to Epic? If so, how? It needs to be taken seriously.

I have spent a lot of time enjoying and learning the engine. It would be a shame to throw that away because of poor community management. I want to prevent that the engine becomes dead in the water.


Of course someone will attempt to scam the program as it is what people do but by it’s self is not a reason not to do something. First step in scam prevention is anyone wanting to play a part would have to first register and anyone giving a solid answer would get points. That’s just details details of a program that has worked for “years”

It would be up to Epic to establish value as to the quality and points value.


Well it can be assumed that someone from Epic is responsible for reading the forums and stealing good ideas :smiley:

They don’t general respond to forum posts as that is the fastest way to kill a topic Think focus groups

Nice ideas from FrankieV… But the striking reality is UDN supersedes or makes Answer-Hub and the Forums pretty irrelevant. Listen to Zak Parish talk about AH here… Essentially, we are all just Joe-the-Fortnite-streamers and the forums are dying as the UDK forums did before. Sure, there are flutters of activity every time a big ticket item appears like ray-tracing (or notable acquisitions like Twinmotion etc). But in general Epic’s focus is so wide (they just bought a party app wtf???), the UE4 forums are redundant (for Epic). You’re either on UDN, or you’re invisible… Proof: Look at this recent thread or these 2 other ones etc…<Tumbleweed>

I agree UDN is the way to go but Epic still promotes Answer Hub by presenting badges so as part of the Epic “social” experience what roll does the AH really play? Epic also gives shout outs on their twitch casts for members who answer the most questions so as to way and means it seems to be more of a pathway to get members involved than it’s about answering questions.

Maybe it’s time to discontinue AH altogether?

If it’s just about answering questions maybe Epic needs to promote UDN more rather than pointing out that questions should be asked on AH?

I agree.
Why promote a service that is failing its purpose and officially isn’t a priority to maintain…

Well, I don’t believe UDN is a replacement, for the very simple reason that most smaller developers have no access to it, only companies with custom licenses. Discontinuing AnswerHub without a proper alternative doesn’t really sound a good way to go (and I don’t believe that the forum is a good replacement).

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. I thought it was just me and the questions I asked on Answer Hub were too stupid for anybody to bother with them. I have given up asking there pretty much and I have also given up submitting bug reports because you only get a canned response asking your for a sample project and, yeah, how am I suppose to distill a sample project when the bug or problem is interwoven with my main project that has like 70GB of marketplace assets? Also, it seems the bugs I report are of no priority to Epic, they rather add new esoteric features that normal people neither understand nor need nor have the manpower in the graphic department to ever put to use.
One way I do find help is not searching here but search in duckduckgo with terms like “Unreal <question here>”. I found that external search engine index Epics websites way better than Epic’s own search function.

I think Epic is using Bing search lul

It gives Epic somewhere to direct you without having to actually respond to you.

Our teams have been growing and I’m hopeful that we can do more to direct folks your way. The decline in Epic presence in the forums/AH is the culmination of a number of facts. The priority for our devs is development - with you all being a more mature community, we hope that you can support one another for much of the simpler questions. With the growth of our community team, we can spend more time in the forums and bring light to topics. That said, the three of us can’t be everywhere on top of our other responsibilities, but we’re doing our best!

Re: the bug submission form - We’ve found that the quality of bugs that come in with the form are much better and our team is able to address more issues. It was my understanding that many members of the support team will redirect to helpful links and work with you to get the info you need. We do recognize that it can be difficult to reproduce an issue if it’s part of a larger project, but if our team can’t repro the problem, it makes it challenging to resolve.

As far as incentivizing folks to answer questions in either location, we’re totally open to feedback. Agreed that we don’t want it to be too easily manipulated, but we’ll brainstorm ideas and feel free to drop yours in!

Hey Amanda,

Thanks for the detailed response. Honestly I think the biggest issues here are the axing of the wiki with no update in sight and AH being the anti-thesis of user-friendliness. You know better than us what’s cooking behind the scenes and whatever it is, I beg of you to do something to actually empower the community to help themselves. Ever since the Wiki died all we have is this forum and AH which works on UDN because you guys have internal notifications and assign tickets directly to devs, but on the public AH things just fall into obscurity 99% of the time, it’s unusable.