Toggle blend space based on variable from Character BP

I am using Paragon’s Shinbi character for testing. I am making a third person game that can toggle Class Default “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” ON, and Character Movement “Orient Rotation to Movement” OFF while hold Right Mouse Button (I called this input action “Focus”).

I then created a 1D blendspace to hand the strafing during “Focus” as the toggling I mentioned first locks the character rotation to player camera. Whithout the blendspace, holding right mouse and moving cause the running animation to continue going forward while strafing. In a Locomotion State Machine, I hooked up Idle to Jog Start, and placed the 1blendspace there with some variables. Now the character plays the strafing during “Focus” correctly. However, now when not “Focusing” (not holding right mouse button) the strafe animations still play while using A and D to rotate my character.

It seems I can only get this to work one way or the other. Can I get some help in setting it up right for toggling strafing animations based on Character and Movement methods?

Thanks! I’ll be happy to share screenshots (or even video)

Hmm…You mentioned that you already had “some variables” associated with your blendspace. That’s pretty much the correct idea right there, though I’m not sure what your current set-up is.

I suggest you have a “focus” bool that you set in your animation blueprint graph based on if your character is in focus mode or not.

Then, use that focus bool in the animgraph/state machine part of the animation blueprint to be one of the “rules” for what animation to use with the little arrows to the different states. By using the AND bool node to go into the strafe (so focus is true AND the other conditions are met) and the OR bool node to leave the strafe (so either focus is not true OR the other conditions are not met) you should have the correct animation.

Just make sure you have a bunch of arrows out of the strafe to all the other states she should be doing instead in case focus suddenly becomes false. If there is no arrow, there is no way to convert. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comments about adding all the transitions, I took that into consideration during my testing. Ultimately the problem was after a true false branch calling my variables specifying movement method. I hooked up the false to continue the execution to calculate direction, but left true empty. I’m guessing the event blueprint animation update needed that true statement to cause an actual update in the animation for a changed state.