To what extent can physics response be controlled?

Here are a few questions about the physics engine I can’t find the answer to:

Is there a way to get information from the physics engine about collisions before the effects are actually propagated to the game world?

If you have disabled physics simulation for a Pawn that you are controlling, is there still a way to ask a hypothetical question to the physics engine what the effects would be if we are hitting an object?

During a collision I would like to know the next position of an object in advance and then decide myself if I want to let the object pass through the other or if a collision should occur. Is there a way to achieve this or get this information about the collision?

I also might want to add an extra force or impulse to the collision before it is updated to the screen. Is this possible within one tick?

I didn’t try it but this could go into the right direction:

This would perhaps give an educated guess about the next position of a component, but it seems there is no way to know via the standard API what the effects on the component would be if it is colliding with something else. :frowning: