To reproduce the color of the unlit?

Please forgive my poor English.
I want to completely reproduce the color of unlit in lit in view.
Is there a better way?
There is no light and postProcessVolume on the level of the image.


I am pretty sure you can change the lighting options of a material to unlit or something like that, just have a look in the material editor. Click on the main node and then on the left side there will be a bunch of options. Have a look and see if it can be set to Unlit there.


Just had a mess about myself


Thank you for your reply.
I am setting the material already in the unlit.

Try adding a ConstantVector and use it with a Multiply to lighten your texture a bit. Might work.

I added ConstantVector.
But it did not work.
I need further plus ingenuity ?


It doesnt work because you multiply by 1 aka 1x1=1, its the same value as result. Put there a 1 constant and change the value to something like 1.1 or 1.2. :slight_smile:

I was successful.
When multiplied by 1.1.

Thank you very much for both of them!