To Epic: Request for Spline Components

Dear Epic: Spline components is very comfortable to use for me. It’s a good way to place objects.

The problem is that this blueprint is not affected by the lightmapping. My mesh is static, but behaves as if it were dynamic.

It would be great if you consider adding the option in the next updates to “explode”, “collapse” or “break” spline components in simple static elements to apply static or stationary lighting. Keeping instances of course.

This could also work for the foliage.

You can merge spline meshes into regular static mesh using Merge Actors tool.
In 4.12 it’s available under Window -> Developer Tools -> Merge Actors.

Hi Slavq, thanks for answering. This looks like what I want, but the instances are lost. All objects are added increasing the number of vertices. And hightmap resolution would have to be giant.