Tips for photorealism

Hello everyone,

I would like some advice to make my scene more photorealistic. I wanted to know if increasing the lightmap resolution of the various elements in order to see them red in the “Lightmap Density” view would be useful for this purpose. Or if I have to focus on the Lightmass settings in the “World Settings” or the camera settings.

Thank you

It will allow you to capture finer detail, but not necessarily more realistic results.

Basically yes. You can also use post process volumes instead of camera settings.

The biggest issue I see with peoples scenes is that they don’t know how to set their exposure.

90%+ of people decide within a couple mins of launching the editor that they don’t like auto-exposure, and they don’t understand what problem it’s addressing. So they set it to a fixed exposure of 1 or 0 and then never change it and it just screws them over when lighting the scene.