Tips for a newcorner

So this is the kind of post that has been probably posted here more than a million times and I know there are probably a bunch of content and tutorials for what i´m going to ask here.
However I´m still going to to ask since new tutorials, techniques and videos are posted everyday about this engine.

First off let me introduce myself. I´m currently majoring in Computer Science, going to my second year of school. Due to me being a student I´ve just got a free license for Unreal Engine 4. Most of the time I´m programming software in C++ or Java, However I´m still an Apprentice in both languages. As for Game Design experience I´ve never really made a game or something really “awesome”. I just have some minor experience making maps for Source Engine Games, Command & Conquer Generals and Company of Heroes 1/2.

As for the reason of this post, I was looking for some advice of some pretty good recent tutorials about learning the basics of the engine and how to use it properly and make a simple game just for the purpose of learning how to use it. I have a current short term goal of trying to make a very simple basic mobile game, using this engine, since I´m still not skilled enough programmer to build a game from the ground up without using any licensed engine, this is the main reason I´m trying to learn how to use Unreal Engine 4, until I become a better programmer.As for my mobile game It is supposed to be something really basic like Bejeweled, Geometry Wars, Tetris maybe a space shooter.

Any tips for some great tutorials and techniques to speed up my learning curve will be greatly appreciated!

1)Watch lots of youtube tutorial, and start doing stuff as shown in the youtube… things cant get any speedier than that… Do not just watch them, you will not gain mastery this way.

  1. Use exclusively blueprint first… do not bother yourself with C++ until you are comfortable with blueprint…