Timers stopping on player death?

Hi again. I have 2 timers setup on an object blueprint (copied the bookshelf as a temporary object) and I have 2 timers set up to run when an action is selected. The timers should run indefinitely after the action is called and they do, until the player dies. It’s not instantly after the player dies either which strikes me as very odd. I’ll describe the process below in the screenshots.

The “Create Timers” section successfully runs when the action with ID 13 is selected. Then the timers run (see below) until about 5 seconds after I die to a dodorex.

This runs successfully every 2 seconds I’m alive. and then it runs at least once after I die every time which I verified. The point of this timer is to determine when a certain player dies and it works.

This is just the other timer that increments a count by 1.

So the big problem is, everything works fine… Until I die then the timers stop running. Any suggestions?