Timer that counts up?


I would like a timer that counts up from when the level is opened and ends when the player goes through a box trigger that takes him to the next level.i would like to do this on every level

How would i do this?

Hi Gingerlikeme,

You can set an int or float variable that continues to move upward on a timer, for instance:

Where would this blueprint be. I was going to do it as a text biz with binding in UMG of s there a way to do that?

Depends on what you want to do with the variable. If you only need it for the level and it will be irrelevant for the rest of the game/other levels…you could do it pretty much everywhere. Controllerbp, Levelbp, etc. If you need to store the value, I would use the GameInstancebp. To use the variable in UMG I suggest looking at the documentation for the UMG and the provided examples. I hope this helps - :slight_smile: