Timelines don't get properly parented to Categories

If you change category of a timeline, it doesn’t get properly attached to category node. You can see it’s not indented underneath it, and expand/collapse on category doesn’t show/hide timeline as expected.

As a side note, it’s very un-discoverable how to even go about adding a timeline. You can’t add them as a component on components tab. So I would recommend in list of buttons in “My Blueprint” tab that has +var, +func, +macro, etc. there should be a +timeline button.

So steps to repro this:

Create a new BP subclassed from HUD

Right click in event graph, pick Add Timeline… from there

Create a dummy variable and give it a category, which it appears under.

Select timeline and set its category to this new one. It knows it should be in this category, but it is not moved under category.

Toggle category open and closed. Actual: timeline is always visible and not indented under category. Expected: timeline acts like dummy variable

In my example screenshot here, I clicked and dragged timeline up to category, but it’s saying you can’t put it into category it’s already a member of.

Hey ,

I was able to reproduce this in 4.6.1 and 4.7. I also tested in our main internal build, and it appears this bug has already been fixed. fix will likely be included in 4.8. Thanks for report, though!

I second this bug. I’m unable to complete “3rd Person Power-Up Game with C++” tutorial. Is there a work around?

-keep in mind I’m new to engine.


Hi Xeric,

Unfortunately no, but 4.8 (which should contain a fix for this) will likely have a Preview out soon. Please let us know if you still have trouble after that. Thanks!