Timeline pops on first use

I have a timeline that moves the camera closer to the character when they aim their gun. But in the first use it always pops forward, after that its fine.

Hi, The problem in your setup is that you directly set the Arm Length I think what you want/need to do is: Make sure the default arm length is the same as the zoom if you want to use the zoom directly and not add it to the current length. Since I’m not sure what the zoom value maybe provide some screenshots of the curve and of the default value of the Arm Length.

I set the default arm length with the BeginPlay event to 160. The zoomed-in value is 90. In the timeline I just have a spline that goes from 160 to 90. When it plays it should zoom in, and when reversed it goes back. Which works, for all except the first try.

Now I tried a slight adjustment on the script. where instead of just changing the default arm length directly, the timeline subtract from it. This works…, but I don’t know why. The output should be exactly the same between the two, unless there is enough of a hitch in the engine to cause it to goof up, which seems unlikely because I just have two low res actors in a cube.


maybe use play from start instead of play