Timeline not working smoothly , jerking constantly.

Hello , I am currently trying to make a game with lean features and zoom in features , etc with the Timeline in blueprint. But there is a problem , when ever I lean or zoom in , and most of the time when I release the key to reverse the process , there seems to be a huge jerk on my FPScamera back to the original camera location/rotation/FOV for a split second and then back to the point where it was still reversing and then back to original camera location/rotation/FOV. Also for the lean feature , everytime I release the key , the lean seems to lean out a little bit more and then finally reverse into “non-leaning”. This is very frustrating , how can I fix this?

Here’s how the problem looks like

(Try to watch in 720p or 1080p to see the problem more clearly)

This is how it looks like , any help would be appreciated , thanks.

I am also having a similar problem but in 4.16.1 if anyone solves this then it would be a massive help

Start by making a simple reproducable case. Otherwise we just guessing what it could be.