Timeline node issue

Hi all,

whenever my pawn is moved, say i want to move it 500 cm from its position (i checked in the World in the editor, and its the exact value i want) on X axis, when double clicking on timeline node and editing the second bezier point of the curver to the value 500, it moves my pawn like 20 times this value.

How can i define the very same unit system in this blueprint pattern as in the World please ?

You’re Adding Offset. Each update, it will add the current float value. Instead, I think you want to *use *the current float value.
Before the “play from start”, set the actors location in a vector3 variable. Get Actor Location. Then instead of using the add actor world offset node, use Set Actor Location.
Now Add the timeline float value with the vector3 variable x value.

Thank you soo much :slight_smile: