Timeline help with blueprints


I have a chair mesh with some Text rendered above it, the text is added to the chair mesh in the components tab so when i select the chair the text appears above it ( by toggling its visibility). The problem i have is I want some movement animation on the text ( just a simple rotation back and forth ) so i added a timeline to the blueprint of the chair but of course when i play this the chair and the text rotate. I only want the animation to apply to the text component. I thought by making the chair static this would solve it but it just stops everything rotating then

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


Why not just do an event tick to add local rotation to the text, and toggle visibility when the chair is selected?

I don’t have UE4 available to me right now, but after the timeline executes, are you setting add local rotation? If so, you should be able to specify a ‘Target’ and tell it to only move the text object (Cntrl + drag from the left menu to GET the object and tie it into the local rotation node).


No I wasn’t adding a local rotation ( I didn’t realize it was there :slight_smile: ) but now I am and its working as intended which is great, thanks so much for the help, much appreciated :slight_smile: