Timeline animated BP, within other BP?

Hey guys!

I’m completely new to the UE4 universe, and I can’t solve the logic behind this: First of all I want to say that I’ve searched everywhere about how to do this before asking here, so sorry if the question is not very bright.

I have a Class Blueprint with an elevator door mesh, animated with a timeline to open and close (reverse), triggered by a custom “Opendoor”/“Closedoor” event.

I want to place this inside the elevator box Class Blueprint and play the timeline when I hit the input on a box trigger.

I’ve managed to place the Door BP as a childactor inside the Elevator BP, but I can’t figure out how (and even if it’s possible) to play the timeline animation somehow.

Any tips and orientation is more than welcome, and I apologize if I’m completely off track! :slight_smile:

you’ll have an easy way by setting your button in your elevator. Add the trigger / door mesh to your blueprint, add a timeline and set the door movement on overlap component (not actor overlap)
If you absolutely want to separate blueprint, have a look in content example to the blueprint communication map. You’ll have a complete overview on “cast”, event dispatchers and interfaces. Then you set your trigger / door or trigger only in other blueprint and “cast to” or use an interface to communicate to the other blueprint.