Timebased gaze button for VR. How to setup? Ideas needed. Oculus CV1

I have a Linetrace Menu button. When looking at it a level will load. But, it is better to have a timer installed so you have control. See below my BP setup, if someone has ideas how i can install a timer inbetween the trigger and level start?

What is needed;

  • Timer: when looking at the button for example 3 seconds the level starts.
  • Reset timer: When looking away within the 3 seconds the timer will reset the trigger.

Here my setup so far, the button so far is working perfectly in VR on a Oculus Rift CV1. But only if i could install a timer in this BP? I installed the VR template also made by ‘‘mitchemmc’’, tried to study his assets, it was too complicated for me to combine those assets with my own. See the link to mitchemmc his post here, might be of interest:

Below my setup, how to install a timer in this Blueprint for a gaze timebased button activation with Reset?


The BP setup, is it possible to install somewhere in this setup a timer and reset for a gaze or looking at timer for VR?

Thanks for reading!

A timer is what you need - start a non looping 3 second one on your trigger overlap and bind another event to clear that timer if the overlap ends.

Still cant find out how to make it work. Could you add a picture?

Second i found this post, tried to combine those ideas with mine but still no results. I guess that if the Push is just my trigger start it will act thesame as a push. And will be touched by the linetrace, right? Hope to figure it out soon.

But does someone now the specific Float that is used in the below image? How to find that one?


This vr template by mitchmmc has that logic in it.