Time Line how do i let him fire every mouse click?

My function should fire traces every time im clicking the mouse button. The trace firing should last for 2 seconds. How do i arrange this?
I tried it this way but it only works once for 2 seconds. After that it fires just for a frame with every mouse click.
Would be nice if somebody can help. :slight_smile:
Edit: old picture sry… I added a “on left mouse button” → “delay 2 seconds” → to the “stop” node of the time line

Use Play from Start instead of Play.

ahh… thanks alot!! :slight_smile:

can i use it with an animation? because now my animation doesnt work while clicking left mouse button.

You can. You probably need to disable Consume Input in left mouse button node’s properties.

and again… thanks alot. :slight_smile: