Tiltbrush mechanics in Unreal? (Vive)

Could someone point me in the right direction if I want to make some sort of 3D paintbrush? How could I make the paint strokes in mid air? Is that a particle system, like a beam particle, that paints a beam that follows the controller?

I have been working on a simple system to replicate the effect…I have used a particle emitter parented to the controller. You can change the size of the emitter with the face buttons on the controller and then just make sure you dial up the life of the particle and take off velocity so they stay suspended in air.

cool thanks, will experiment with this

particles are ok. I’ve done that and you can get neat results easily. But I think to get more useful you need to work with blueprint splines, then you’d leverage some real power and the ability to save.

Id go with procedural meshes personally.

I believe Tilt Brush uses a few methods, looks like one is procedurally generated meshes with stetched textures and another appears to be particle systems (snow). Not sure if there’s another class as well though

how to draw particle with controller?

can you show your blueprint about use controller draw a particle,i have no ideal to do this.
thank you !!!