Tiling Texture Problem

Hi guys,

Ive created a Landscape and i want to have 2 Layers on it, Soil as a base Layer and then Sand as a Paintable layer to go on top. Ive created a Layerblend material as one would.
In the material at the very start i have a “landscapeLayercoord” Node, where i set the Mapping scale to 200 (The Landscape is only small), Followed by the Texture Samples “Soild and Sand” Then a Layer blend Node connected to the Base Colour.

Then underneath ive put my normal Maps in the same Format as before.
Ive set the Soils Layerblend Value to “0.1” and the sand to “0.2”
Also in the “LandscapelayerCoord” nodes (Both for Texture Samples and Normal map) ive set the U+V mapping to “0.004” both on Normals and Textures.

When i use the material on the landscape you can see it tiling quite badly. How can i achieve a real looking Material here?


I would recommend you to take a look at the soil material from the starter content -> they have added some variation into the material which will “hide” the tiling :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy :smiley: