Tiled map import in 4.7.3 is not working for me.

Hey all

Is anyone else having any luck with tiled map imports in 4.7.3? I am having serious issues with a terrain that worked perfectly fine with 4.6, but with the same calculations on import in 4.7.3 it is too large and flat, its just completely off.

I had high mountain ranges etc - which are now just kind of flat…

This is another thread I had previously created on the topic, which I thought had come to a resolution but it hasn’t yet.

Here is a comparison of the exact same files being imported in my 4.6, and my 4.7 installations, with the exact same configuration on import :

[Import settings in “Import tiled landscape” window]
[4.6 Result]
[4.7.3 Result]

These are a far cry from similar output - am I doing something wrong? Is there a different import process for 4.6 and 4.7?

bump… Anyone?

Process is identical.

What is your elevation range set too in WM? What have you set your z scale too when importing the tiled terrain?
Set your maximum elevation in WM to a multiple of 512. Makes life much easier.

Also… x and y scale of 496…???