tiled landscape loading distance?

Hello, I have a tiled landscape and when i play in game
i have to be above that tile for it to load? i want it to stream more tiles at a time but cant find out where to do this?
in the editor it shows all of my tiles. this is what i want it to do. the map is not that big so loading it all at once is not going to be an issue
i just cant find any information on HOW to make the tiles load faster while playing in game.

can someone help me?


Have you tried generating a LOD per tile? there is a field asking for the distance a appears/disappears before you click the Generate button. If you set the distances so high then you original tiles would be always visible and never unload for LODs to get to appear at all.

I will check that. THANKYOU SO MUCH. I never even thought lod’s had anything to do with it!