Tileable textures blending with mask


I’m trying to create a material which uses two UV sets, UV0 for tileable textures and UV1 for 1:1 mask texture.
So basically I have two tiletable sets, one is for clean metal panels and second one is rusty, dirty version. I want to use UV set 0 to unwrap my model using tileable textures, and UV set 1 for black and white mask texture which will be used to blend between two (clean and dirty) tileable sets.
I’ve been looking for this on google and couldn’t find a clear solution.
Has anyone tried to do something like this before?


anyone? :slight_smile:

You can do this using two different texturecoordinates nodes: the first is set to uv 0 and connected to the tiing textures you want on uv set 0, the second is set to uv 1 and connected to the texture you want to use as mask on uv set 1, then use a lerp :slight_smile: