Tileable texture blueprint

Hey guys, We have made a building material which is tileable on the z axis. how do we tell blueprint that for each time it goes around spawn a new texture

Be more precise on your problem. Like picture of what you are trying to do, or give project that has only things you have problem with.

I am guessing now:
For Z axis tillable material you do not need to use blueprints, all can be done in shaders (materials), for this use world coordinate node in material.

Now if you have mesh that you want to have different texture on each material:
make master material, then make instanced material (google for unreal engine 4 instanced materials),
when you have that material, in construction BP create dynamic instanced material out of it, get some random and apply to UV coordinates. (again there is youtube tutorial about dynamic instanced materials)
Instead of random number you can just divide Z coordinate by some number and apply this to material variable to get it react to Z axis.

Ps. if you want some pictures that show what you need, please explain better your problem, or upload some project that i can mess with.