Tile a landscape to make exactly sized parts


Is it somehow possible to tile landscapes?

For example I have a Landscape thatss 900m long, I want the first 50m to be forrest and the next 300m to be a plain with grass and so on (you get the idea).

Now I thought if there is a way to tile the landscape in 50m tiles it would be perfect for object placement and texture painting because I know where my “borders” are.

Does someone know how I could achieve that or is there some other solution I didn’t think of?

-split the heightmap in a program like world machine and import it as single parts
-use the “move level” tool in the manage tab of the landscape tool -> this will allow you to move the part to another streaming level
-just add a grid texture onto the landscape so that you know where the areas are + just edit the single areas but keep everything together :slight_smile:

thanks for the answer

I allready thought about making each part as a single landscape but I wasn’t sure how this will work our performance wise? Is it feasible working with multiple landscapes?

It will cause some differences in the performance, but I think they wont be so big.
Yep, when you split the landscapes, you will be just abel to edit the landscape that you are currently looking at -> otherwise just place them into a streaming level, then it’s a own map and all changes that you make there, are just happening in there :slight_smile: