Tif import supported?

Is tif import going to be supported in the future?

Also wondering if TIF import will be supported? It’s no gamebreaker that it’s not included, but it would make life easier, since many of the programs I use for content creation outputs TIF files as standard.

Hi Frepp73,

I’ve entered a ticket (UE-13119) for this to be considered by our engineers.

Thank you!


Hi, first sorry about the necro but I was unsure if I should create a new post just to ask for an update on this issue. Are there currently plans to support tif?

Since I’m VERY familiar with TIFF, I took a couple hours and added TIFF support locally for importing textures yesterday (win32 and win64 only). Will finish up TIFF compression today. How do I submit? I know next to nothing of git but I could probably figure it out if led in the right direction and I do have a fork. I’ve been working off the release branch. What are the conventions for copyright notice and use of code submitted by the author? Any benefits to submitting other than having more functionality?

Oh, what format are RGBA images? Premultiplied alpha or no? I’ve assumed they are not premultiplied and have added code to undo the premultiplication on TIFF files that were encoded that way (aka associated alpha in TIFF terminology). Let me know if this is incorrect and I’ll adjust the code accordingly. Most files should not need this, but the extra support and functionality should be nice to have.


Does anyone know how or where the .lib files come from in the ThirdParty folder come from? I can build the tiff lib files using a batch file I created, but they never seem to build automatically. The .lib files from other ThirdParty folders seem to be downloaded from somewhere but I don’t know where. How is this setup?