Tick throttling

Do I have to worry about tick throttling? Especially when my for loops are doing something a bit intensive? If so, does Unreal Engine have official documentation on implementing a tick throttle? Do I really have to worry about this?

This link goes into tick throttling - -

What is the official word from Unreal Engine developers? Is there a tutorial that covers this?

It really depends on what you are trying to do in blueprint, but most people aren’t going to need it. If you are doing millions of iterations in a very short amount of time, then you probably want to look into it.

In your level viewport there is a little arrow in the upper left corner. Drop that down, then go Stat, Engine, Detailed. If your Game and Frame lines are over the red line for significant periods of time because of work you are doing on tick, then try to throttle it.

That seems kind of brutal and there is probably a much more efficient way to go about whatever you’re trying to do. As Zeustiak said though it depends on how much load your game is going to pull over-all and what your target platform is. If you are making a large game I would suggest try to avoid tick loops and find a better way.

A few loops here and there won’t hurt anything though. Most of the load comes from the graphical side.

Agreed. After rigorous testing via LAUNCH button, I decided I don’t need any tick throttling. I maintained 60 fps even though I was doing some intensive routines in blueprint.