Thrown projectile goes in direction of server when spawning on client?

I have a predicted path for where projectile should go which works fine, all works fine on server.

I have been trying to replicate the projectile (molotov) and the particle effect which i have managed to do, the only problem is that when the client throws the molotov it actually goes in which ever direction the server is facing.

The projectile spawns where it should but doesn’t follow the predicted path, except i think it actually follows the servers predicted path, but spawns in front of the client. i don’t have this issue with firing my weapons but not sure if this is because they spawn from children of the actual master.

The projectile in question uses the follow camera for the forward vector which i thought could be the problem, however if i change the forward vector to something else it just changes the spawn location not the desired direction.

Could do with some help if anyone has any ideas.


You are using Player Index 0 every time you calculate the impulse. That’s generally your host. You need to get the player who actually throws the projectile.