Three suggestions that might be useful.

1. Add a fourth icon on the left on the transformation icons, in every viewport, that will allow us to simply select actors, without bringing up any transform widgets.
It would help people select items easily, without moving or rotating them by mistake and its faster than toggling the “Show Transform Widget” menu command (which does not even exist in the Blueprint Editor). It could be mapped to Q, for example, if the key is not reserved for something else.

2. Add the camera preview (that appears on the bottom right of the viewport) in the Blueprint Editor as well, with the ability to toggle it off easily.
It helps with positioning the camera (or even multiple cameras) while seeing exactly how they “see” the Blueprint’s components.

3. Allow us to reorder the components in the Blueprint Editor’s “Components” window, and also add separators.
Some programs have the ability to both parent AND reorder a list’s items by dragging them with the mouse, based on whether one drags the item directly on top of an other, or between two others. As for the separators, some official Templates already have them (for example to separate the main components from the Character Movement) and it would be nice if we could add them too, by simply right-clicking in the Components window.

Hey Konst10,

  1. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this. Could you please create a post on the Answerhub under the Using UE4 section that provides a bit more detail regarding this request?

  2. I have entered a feature request for this, UE-33776.

  3. This is something that we would be interested in implementing, but not at the current time. The developers are currently focusing their efforts on high-priority crash and showstopper bugs. As a result, it would be a while before we could take a look at getting this to work.

Thank you for your suggestions! Have a great day.

Thank you very much for responding to my post.

As for the first suggestion: I was actually referring to the small icons that are located at the top right or every viewport, that we use to translate, rotate and scale objects. Sometimes, their visible widgets (the arrows of the move tool for example) are getting too much in the way, or make someone accidentally move/rotate/scale an actor, while trying to simply select one or multiple items in the level.

There is an option in the Settings menu of the Main Editor’s toolbar that toggles off the widgets (the “Show Transform Widget”), that I myself find very useful. I just thought it would be really nice if we could have a fourth icon (placed on the left side of the Move icon) that would be considered the simple “Select” and would only highlight the items, just like it happens if you select something with “Move” but while the “Show Transform Widget” is unchecked. That would even place it in the Blueprint Editor’s viewport, where we can’t toggle off the widgets at all. A shortcut key for it would make things easier too, and I suggested Q, because its close to the other transform shortcuts and is also used in some other programs for “Select”.

Per your first suggestion, the way this is handled in many other 3d applications is that objects can be ‘locked’ so that they may not be transformed or scaled inadvertently. This would probably be a good solution because it is fairly standardized across 3d applications.

I think this is also a very good idea, especially if there was a check-box in each individual actor’s Details panel, so that we could prevent certain objects from being transformed, while still being able to work normally with the rest. Although I really wish, if this was implemented, it was in addition to my initial suggestion, because I consider being able to globally toggle off the widgets pretty useful.