Thread rating feature: Is it useful?

Hi everyone! I’ve been reading these forums for awhile, and I’ve been wondering about usefulness of the thread rating feature.

I don’t find it very helpful when I agree with the rating, and even less so when I disagree with it. It also seems that it could be used for shooting down the dreams of those who are new to the craft, or even to assassinate people’s portfolios.

When critical feedback is given in comments, the author has at least a chance to respond, but there’s little that can be done about the rating, and it’s the first this you see besides the title. I know it’s a tough world out there, game development is not easy and you have to learn to deal with harsh feedback but I’m just wondering if this is the right place?

On other forums, I have seen “editor’s picks” and “like” features and I feel that with this type of solution would gain most of the positives without the negatives. What do you think?