This may be a silly question.......

I understand past the basics of unreal engine and I want to start making animations for cutscenes and such. However, when I researched online many people use Blender for almost everything like textures, objects, animations, and skeletal meshes. I’m just asking should I do the same thing and just import everything into Unreal Engine and setup the sequencing for cutscenes or create everything in Unreal?

You can’t create that type of content within UE4. UE4 is the tool where you bring it all together, it is designed to make things look good in real-time and set up gameplay.

Okay thanks. However I also have one other question. What would you recommend the size to be in Blender so the actors I make won’t be too small or too large?

I don’t know Blender but you should be able to set its unit sizes to centimetres. That way they’ll be the same size in Blender and Unreal.


After a quick google I found this:

Yes absolutely correct Blender uses centimeters and ue4 uses meters . U need to adjust the blender settings first

wrong, UE4 uses cm.

100 Unreal Units = 100cm = 1m

Well let me enhance Ur reply and rather thank U for rectifying me bro…Apologies for any confusion.