This guy should do more research before he does a comparison.

Sry your thread is so heavy in information that i cant comprehend the mass, can you pls tell me what you are talking about exactly?
Like with arguments?

Let’s let him know in the comments :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s do exactly that^

hmmm…interesting, I wonder where they got all the wrong info from.

Go to the link and read it.

A nobody is being misinformed on the internet? Stop the press!

He is right about the 2D Part though, Unity still majorly kicks Unreals butt when it comes to 2D.
The rest of the article, makes you feel like he is secretly baised towards Unity though.

I wonder why there are no comments left on it. hmm. It’s so annoying reading junk like this.

Awaiting moderation :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, the interesting part of that article is that the writer feels Unity is a lot more professional than UE4. :slight_smile:

Who cares? It’s a backwater website with no readership, and ignoring factual inaccuracies, the article is so badly written it’s almost unreadable anyway.

ambershee you are right. I don’t say or post a lot and most things don’t bother me. But this article rubbed me the wrong way. I guess since I am learning to use C++ with unreal and the writer saying that Unity is more professional and that if you don’t want to work hard Unreal Engine is the way to go ****** me off. You are right the article is badly written.

I know the author clearly isn’t a native English speaker but even so that was painful to read. Don’t think we need this sort of stuff posted here!

99% of Unity vs UE articles are clickbait written by people that have never made a game in either…ignore.

This guy clearly has no idea what he is talking about.
That article sounds to me like a joke.

I’m coming from Unity and here is a little secret, guys. Everytime i see the Unity Fanboys talking ******** about Unity being better or even on par with Unreal4 it makes me smile a little bit. The smile comes from the satisfaction that all those guys choosen the sledge hammer to build a car while i got a car factory for free… There is a reason you pay in Unity to get the startup logo suppressed - in Unreal4 i was searching for the logo animation to put it in myself.

Unreal4 is light-years ahead of Unity GFX,performance and editor-wise and when there are a few thousand GameDEVs thinking they got something better when i clearly know they got dirt then so be it. Less competition and more money for me.

Jesus. Did this guy just write a blog and not actually use either engine?

What a poorly informed individual.
Oh well.
Moving on.

Don’t worry. Properly setting up a development environment for UE4 is harder work than the writer of that article is prepared to do.